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Energy Efficiency

  • Do you want to be a green business?
  • Is your facility's lighting being phased out?
  • Do you know how to reduce your company's carbon footprint?
  • Are you interested in saving thousands of dollars on utility expenses?
  • Do you want to receive a tax deduction and rebates to upgrade your building?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, Dickman Supply can help you meet your energy efficiency goals. We not only have the knowledge and products to help you become a more energy conscientious business, but we have proof that it works! We've installed many of the conservation methods in our own facilities and found that each step has an impact on our overhead expenses. Just take a look at our electric bills over three years to see for yourself!

Prior to Upgrades

The statement boxed in red was our original electric bill for the Sidney headquarters prior to any energy efficiency upgrades. Early in 2008 we audited our own facilities and found there was much room for improvement in the area of energy conservation. Note the high usage and billing demand from 2007. During our audit, we found these could be significantly reduced with newer lighting technologies.

Energy Efficient Lighting

The second box is our statement from one year later. This savings was achieved by installing energy efficient lighting in our warehouse and office areas. The reduction in Billing Demand is a bonus. Think of Demand as a penalty for using a lot of energy at any given time, it is billed based on your highest 30 minutes of use per billing period no matter how often that demand is required by your business.

Occupancy Sensors

The following year, we achieved even greater savings with the addition of occupancy sensors throughout the warehouse and certain offices. The best part of all this is that the return on investment was lightning fast thanks to an EPAct tax deduction and the annual energy savings. This is an example from just our headquarters, but we've implemented energy conservation throughout all of our locations and also at our sister company.

Electrical

Commercial, residential, facility maintenance... no matter what your electrical needs are, your project will benefit from the expertise of Dickman Supply's Electrical Team. We have the partnerships and ability to be flexible when you need it most.

Industrial

You have a world of safety, maintenance, abrasive and cutting supplies at your fingertips with Dickman Supply. Our industrial team has access to virtually any product or brand you need and know which ones will increase your production while reducing your costs.